ABOUT the ArtsMMADD Website

ArtsMMADD is an on-line community of arts educators.
The website provides a platform to share resources, ideas, weblinks and contacts.

Over the past 30 years, Deirdre Russell-Bowie has written over 40 Creative Arts resource books for teachers. Most of the content of these is now on this website, along with resources designed and developed by other creative arts teachers.

This website, ArtsMMADD has been created to provide support to teachers as well as practising arts educators.

This community of arts educators is not restricted to practising arts educators, and pre-service teachers who can also become a part of the community and implement these resources as they study and when out teaching.

Further explanations about many of the resources on this website and how to use them in the classroom, can be found in the book MMADD about the Arts: An Introduction to Primary Arts Education by Deirdre Russell-Bowie (4th Edition, 2012), available from the publishers, Pearson Education Australia or online at https://www.booktopia.com.au/mmadd-about-the-arts-deirdre-russell-bowie/book/9781488609756.html

The website has been funded by the Creative and Practical Arts Association, and Deirdre Russell-Bowie, and was designed by Professor Deirdre Russell-Bowie (Western Sydney University), with illustrations by Elsa Jara, and the ‘Arty’ character by Leeanne Fawle.

All resources have been developed by Deirdre Russell-Bowie as well as other creative arts teachers.